Fresh start

I’m just getting this thing going. I’ve grown to really dislike all my prior incantations of blogging (Wordpress, Tumblr, etc), excluding the early days when I wrote my own blog platform (in PHP! but with no database). But this is much better than that.

Keep your eyes peeled for interesting commentary and things. Here’s what I have in mind.

  • hacking
  • devops
  • software engineering
  • distributed databases (Cassandra, Elasticsearch)
  • streaming platforms / lambda architecture
  • big data
  • optimization (or the lack thereof)
  • software design
  • software books :)
  • probably a suspicious amount of Amazon Web Services

And perhaps more importantly, here’s what I do not have in mind.

  • current events
  • family life (this is a hacking blog)

Here are some people that have inspired me to start writing, or folks whom I generally respect and admire. You should read them!

See you around the internets!